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Night Owls English Marathon

Link: “Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.” –Diane Ackerman Having fun is always a recommendation when learning a language. Pines- Evening Study Program teachers always make an effort to incorporate fun in studying English. The more fun the learning is, the more motivated the students will be. On the previously held Night Owls English Marathon Contest, there

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Fam Tour 2019: JP, KR, TW Agencies Visit Monol in February

In a span of 3 weeks, three agencies of different nationalities have made their way into the Monol campus. The Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese agencies all had the opportunity to explore the different facilities and amenities of the academy. These school tours, usually called familiarization tours, happen annually. Moreover, the Baguio English Schools Association (BESA) spearheads this event. In regards

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BECI: Student Review (April)

如何找到BECI與甚麼原因會選擇BECI? 我决定出國,是因為我想擴大我的國際視野,因此我詢問了很多關於菲律賓語言學校的資訊。瞭解很多不同的學校後,我覺得BECI的“自習室”對我來說是最有吸引力的,有非常漂亮的景色,讀書累了可以看著美麗的景色休息,所以我選擇BECI學校來加強我的英文。 哪一部分的英文技巧加強最多? 我選擇半斯巴達課程,因為我需要時間來預習和複習。同時,我可以集中學習口說,可以練習說英文。也因為這個原因,我加強最多的是我的口說技巧。每天我都期待上課,因為每個老師都很親切,如果我有問題,他們總是給我建議。因此,教師不只在課堂上給我知識,他們也在生活中教我很多。 BECI 的生活符合你的期待嗎? 關於設施方面: 自習室的燈光對我們來說很暗。 宿舍樓的水很小, 有時會停水。 3樓宿舍樓始終沒有WIFI,儘管已經報修很多次。 關於服務: 除了餐廳的服務外,學生經理和經理和打掃清潔的服務都非常滿意。 在BECI,有很棒的學習環境,特別是自習室非常漂亮。學校位置也很方便,因為離市區不遠。BECI非常大又很安靜,所以我可以專注於學習。此外,我也常常和朋友出去享受一些活動,參觀市中心附近的名勝古蹟等等。所以我很享受我在BECI的生活。 有什麼建議可以給對BECI感興趣的學生呢? 如果你在考慮天氣好或壞,我可以告訴你,在碧瑤市的天氣非常適合學習英文。如果考慮環境,我會告訴你在BECI環境很不錯,尤其在BECI的自習室很容易專注讀書。

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IELTS Mock Tests

“I’m excited to take my IELTS. Are you?” “Oh my gosh today is Friday!” shouted Peter, a 28-year-old international student from China currently studying in HELP. “You sound excited about the weekend.” said Alex, his Japanese classmate. “No, I’m actually anxious about out mock tests later today!” said Peter. Part of the student’s life while studying Advance IELTS Test Course

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New faces in the Hall of Fame!

Recently, we received 3 scanned files of official IELTS test results from the graduate students. They got a high score which was higher than their goal score. The scores below are the level test scores they took when they first came to CNS2 and official IELTS test result after they finish their study. (Level Test in CNS2)     Listening Reading Writing

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Pines Students Bloomed in February’s Night Owls Night

Link: March 4, 2019 Pines students showcased their talents, and the outstanding learners were recognized during the Night Owl’s Night. The gathering emerged with Flower Festival themed party. Students bloomed like flowers and showed that they were at their best as English learners. With the new level of confidence, they were able to interact with other people during the

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