WALES (Widest Asian Learners English School)

What’s New at WALES:

  • WALES catering to TOEIC Stduents (7/4/2019) - WALES provides TOEIC package plans for who not only want to improve TOEIC score but also improve another English skill. AIM: Help students increase their TOEIC scores Goals: to attain the aim, the following are the objectives: To familiarize students with the specific areas of TOEIC To train and let them practice regularly To enhance their analytical skill for each
  • Real-Talk ESL (3/28/2019) - ◇ WHY did we make this program?  The Philippines is famous for 1:1 classes but there are also demerits because it’s difficult to see the improvement. ・Broken-English can even make sense because teachers already get used to all countries’ pronunciation and accent. ・I’m not sure if I will use what I’m learning now… ・Improvement is not so visible than I
  • WALES – THE QUALITY OF RECRUITING PROCESS (1/23/2018) - ’m Claire, the headteacher in Widest Asian Learners English School – Baguio
  • WALES – YEAR END PARTY 2017 (1/4/2018) - This is not only a chance for WALES to look back on the results achieved in one year but also for the efforts of all employees.
  • WALES – Exciting Taiwanese Day (12/22/2017) - It was fun.

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General Information

Campus Address:

B4 Wales 4 Bukaneg Street Legarda Road, Baguio City

Phone Number:


Student Demographics:

South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Middle Easterner, Yemeni, Lybian, Palestinian, Turkish

Email Address:

wales website


Diversity of Nationalities

We believe that a global competitive person needs an understanding of other cultures. Not only studying in an academy but also interacting with other nationalities outside let you improve your English skill faster. This also encourages students to speak English all the time without imposing them EOP (English Only Policy).

Centered on Pronunciation

In order to interact with other nationalities, proper speaking is necessary to express your opinion correctly. Training is done every day to make our learning better. We ensure that pronunciation is a skill given with utmost importance.

State-of-the-art Facilities

The importance of facilities can be recognized after students arrived and this is also one of the factors that help students concentrate on their studies. We are sure that our facility is on the top level in the Philippines including our Wi-fi and shower.

Course Offered

wales course table template

Facilities and Services

Dormitory Room (Good for 1 – 3 students) Hall
Room for Family (2 types) Gym
Conference Room Karaoke
Dining Room Restaurant
Garden Online Class Room