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  • A&J brings salad bars to the academy cafeteria - “CORDILLERA’S agricultural sector, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), is still the top producer of highland vegetables,” (Larry Fabian, Sun Star Newspaper 2017) In addition to this article, Fabian also mentioned that in the entire Cordillera region, Benguet is still the leader in producing cabbage, carrots and white potato with 86.8 percent, 92.8 percent and 88.5 percent production, respectively,
  • 為什麼我要選擇一所小型語言學校? - 當我到達A&J學院時,這是我的第一個問題。之前,我有過在另一所語言學校學習的經歷。所以,如果我必須再次成為學生,我會很好奇,為什麼我會選擇這所學院作為我的語言學校? 首先,學院小班教學,學生可以擁有許多優勢。 讓我逐一說明這些優點。毫無疑問,教師訓練有素,因為A&J只提供最優質的服務。以下是小班教學的好處,以及為什麼A&J學院是一所一流教育的語言學校。 1.每個學生都會受到關注 – 學生人數減少意味著每個人都可以從老師那裡得到他們需要的關注。我們也鼓勵學生們參與討論,並表達他們的意見。 2.更好的結果 – 研究證明,在較小的班級中,學生的成績較高,考試成績也較好。 3.學習得到加強 – 由於這是一個小班,老師可以很容易地指出學生的弱點。在這種情況下,教師可以找到如何改善這些弱點的方法。 4.教師懂得如何教 – 學生相信所有老師都可以找出適合學生學習的方法。老師都有自己獨特的教學方式,可以在課堂中展現各式各樣的教學技巧並且根據自己的水平向學生清楚的解釋。 5.課程成為學生交流的地方 – 教師幫助學生表達自己的意見和想法,以建立自信。 6.充足的練習機會 – 學生有機會與其他學校的其他學生一起參加足球聯誼比賽,藉由此活動不僅可以交到更廣的朋友,還可以有更多的機會練習英語口說。 7.專注於學習 – 課後學生可以自由地使用一對一教室進行自學,不用擔心會有人打擾到學生的自習時間。 8.更多回饋 – 以前的學生向他們國家其他學生推薦A&J學院學習英語,因為他們學到的東西和經歷讓學生們印象深刻。此外,老師和經理以及學校員工成了他們家人般的朋友。 9.學生和老師的一對一 – 這使老師能夠專注在學生的特定弱點,輔導他們能夠提升自身不足的地方。 10.分享理念 – 當學生們毫不猶豫地說出他們的想法,老師以及其他學生們都能夠給予鼓勵與讚美。

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The school works to achieve this by promoting a shared spirit of responsibility that prizes a diversity of experiences and perspectives, reaches into traditions as well as into the future, excites a passion for ongoing inquiry and strives to help all learners reach for enduring excellence.

Being a semi-Sparta academy, our students take full advantage of the opportunity to express their individuality and embrace their responsibility in all aspects of the English language through the broad curricular programs being offered from Power ESL to Special Courses.

Not only that A & J has proven continued program satisfaction, it has also provided for its teachers’ internationally acclaimed training and seminars to fulfill our mission to serve excellently by encouraging everybody to pursue continued growth. Established in 2008, A & J e-Edu DC English Academy is one of the renowned institutions in Baguio City.

Through its vision statement: Excellence, Integrity, Prosperity, A& J encourages a school where students are passionate about being the best they can be, find wonder in the world around them and dare to make a difference for themselves.

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63 Purok 3 Upper West Camp 7, Baguio City

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South Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Middle Easterner

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Korea hongseok_yoon@daum.net
Japan aj.eedu.baguio@gmail.com

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