BECI – The Cafe Lady Campus Students City Tour

BECI the Café Students tours around the City last Saturday. Each place they visited turned to pages of memories and inspired them to be their own version of a storyteller.

The students set foot on famous landmarks around Baguio City. They started their day by visiting the art haven of Mr. Ben Cabrera along Asin Road, Tuba, Benguet.


The museum is filled with personal collections and collaborated art pieces by different local artists and is surrounded by the serene view of the landscaped garden and virgin mountains.

Their next stop was Baguio’s botanical garden cultivated with various plants and their Asian countries-inspired miniature landmarks. The students made their way to Wright park where the kids tried horseback riding. Striding along the corners of the park is the house of the Philippine President or also known as the Mansion.



In the aftermath of the city tour, they filled their growling stomachs with delicious oven-baked pizza and another American-Italian styled cuisine in a local restaurant.

Their next stop is one the famous Catholic Churches in the heart of the City, the Cathedral. Not long enough, they made their way to a Korean grocery to purchase items they’ve missed from their country.

To finally conclude the tour, the students visited the historical urban park named after Daniel Burnham who designed the area.