15 Simple Reminders to Keep Yourself Safe During the Typhoon

Rainy season for this year had officially started and typhoons come after the another.   These typhoons that we experience are different from the other when it comes to how strong they are.  But for sure, they cause damage and bring a massive amount of rainfall.


As they say, better be prepared.  And it is better to prevent than suffer the consequences.   Here are some reminders to do during this season of natural calamities

1. Wear warm clothes and socks to protect yourself from the cold.


2. Avoid going outside as much as possible.


3. Buy stock of food, snacks, and bottled water. Hot soup, noodles, and coffee are a good option.


4. Always keep a first aid kit, just in case.


5. If you know that your place is prone to landslide or flood, get updated with the nearest evacuation center.


6. You should have a raincoat, gumboots, and flashlight.

7. If you wish to enjoy the foggy rain, be prepared to get wet.

8. Haven’t taken a bath, because of the freezing water? Don’t worry.

9. Stay updated in any way about the weather and news about the surroundings.


10. You should be cautious when using candlelight.

11. Have your clothes already packed in case of emergency evacuation.


12. Keep your money and valuable documents dry and protected from the rain.


13. Always have on your contact list the emergency numbers and help hotlines.


14. Secure the attachments of the roofs and cover the holes.


15. If the worst comes, worry about yourself first more than your belongings.


Stay safe and be prepared!

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