Baguio remains a safe city

In line with the current event on the country’s safety, Baguio remains safe and still constant on decreasing crime rates and violence in the City.

Despite circumstances on the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, no other possible threats were brought to other parts of the Philippines. The declaration was made to stabilize the attacks from a local terrorist group.

Though people have many concerns and fear of the same situation, there is nothing wrong preventing of what may occur.  With that, the Baguio City is one of the safest places from terrorists.

History shows that it is one of the cities that were not colonized by Spaniards because of the mighty Igorot warriors.  These mountainous terrains are their territory, and they will not let their homeland be filled with terror. They are all as one, as Cordilleran.PHILIPPINESStatistically, with the profound implementation of campaigns stopping the growth of crimes, the local governments are doing their very best to protect the community and the people.  And our president is very dear on serving his countrymen at this time of suitably terrifying state.

Also, because of the widespread and bravery of our armed forces, they managed to suppress crimes and even the most recent terrorism.  They assure the people that they are ready for combat if necessary.

International cities

Baguio City takes the lead on safety assurance – Student Survey

BESA schools have many foreign students from different countries and the assurance of safety lies in our own hands.  Part of this is the crucial decision where you will entrust a safety living.  Baguio City can assure that, and the Philippines as a whole, will not allow intruders to obstruct the freedom and peace from the people of this country.

“I will not hesitate to do anything and everything to protect and preserve the Filipino nation”. – President Rodrigo Duterte

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