• Your home away from home

    Unlike Manila and the rest of cities in the country, Baguio is cold all-year round. The climate of Baguio has a varying coldness that can be similar to Sabah (Malaysia), Hanoi (Vietnam), and the autumn season of Korea.

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  • Hotspot for Learning English

    The Americans developed Baguio to what it is at present. Hence, communicating in English has become natural among the people since the language was taught by American missionaries in the 1900s.

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  • 無窮盡冒險活動之大門

    An adventure comes in many names and forms, and whatever you imagine how it will be can be found in the City of Baguio. You have to come here to know by your eyes that the city has many hidden surprises.

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School News


在女子校區學習商業英文課程學生有一個需要完成的任務。現在是時候讓他們在真實環境中使用學習到的英文來表達的時候。   任務一 :  用電話打電話到餐廳預約3個人的桌子。 任務二 :  到預約的餐廳。 到達時,向服務生詢問幫助及點餐。 為了進一步用英文與服務生交談,學生可以在菜單中訊問有關食物或飲料的問題

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